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Reentry service program

that change lives

Shepherdsown Ministry is unlike many other ministries or programs. We start Reentry services, support and assessment when our justice involved men are still behind the walls of incarceration. Dialogue and planning begins by providing spiritual services - Bible Study, prayer and invitation to pursue a relationship with God.

Our Justice involved participants are a part of a tiered system within the organization. Each participants    needs will vary for each person.

Tier I 

Intake, assessment and interview

Tier II

Design individual case plan - Coordinate Services with TDCJ ReEntry and Chaplaincy 

Tier III

Upon release provide intense Case Management for 30 days

 - Identify Parole/Probation stipulations

 - Secure housing or shelter - Emergency shelter, Sober Living homes or Ministry housing

 - Apply for public benefits - SNAP

 - Clothes - work boots/shoes, back pack and other items as needed

 - Hygiene

 - Transportation  - 31 day bus pass

 - Secure personal credentials - ID, Social and Birth Certificate

 - School Transcripts 

 - Seek medical care

 - Referral to Health and Human Service agencies 

 - Veteran Services 

 - Mental Health Assessment and Services

 - Social Security Disability appointment  - to pursue benefits

 - Employment 

 - Connection to Peer Support Specialist 

 - Connection to a faith community 

 - Family reunification

 - Provide the classes, training and requirements to successfully meet the Supervision requirements (AA/NA, Anger Management, I Work, Parenting, Financial Literacy, Seeking Safety, (MRT))


We know that people are not always released at the scheduled time but our ministry works hard at providing services that support a successful reentry into society, regardless of the barriers and challenges faced.








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Shepherdsown Ministry came into my life during incarceration at Torres unit. They were running a Veterans Bible study. Shepherdsown Ministry gave me resources to help me get benefits and point of contacts to pursue when I got out for Veterans services which I’ve been putting off. There was guest speakers who were Vets and warriors for Christ to come in and encourage us. Shepherdsown Ministry was like light in a dark place. I am connected with veterans services still going strong with Christ and I am friends with them out side of incarceration. I have a whole new life which is progressing more and more and great new friends. And if I ever need some encouraging Shepherdsown Ministry will give encouraging words of God and prayers in my direction I’m thankful they answered the call and acted on it.


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